The community of Medicine Hat has a long history of farming and greenhouse growing. We’ve been an active part of it for more than 30 years.

So we thought it was time to step out on our own, together with like-minded growers, to create something truly special: premium quality, locally grown produce available on a year-round basis.

What makes Big Marble better? Our cucumbers and tomatoes are grown in a high-wire system used by the world’s leading greenhouses. Our plants are well-fed and healthy, so there’s less need for pesticides or fungicides. Our climate is consistently warm, so there’s less stress on the plants and they are bathed in full-spectrum light (the closest thing to sunshine you’ll find anywhere). This is why Big Marble farm-fresh produce tastes so full of life!

Tug of War
Our Culture

Farming is about hard work and a sense of family—two concepts we wholeheartedly embrace at Big Marble Farms. This is why we continue to grow healthy and vibrant produce 365 days a year. We are passionate about the outstanding quality of our produce and challenge ourselves to be Always Growing on a daily basis.

We take great pleasure in meeting friends and neighbours in our growing community—from Carway to Fitzgerald (or Lethbridge to Fort McMurray). Small wonder we support local events and organizations as well as give more tours than just about any other greenhouse in the province (capacity depended).

Our Friends & Partners

Our modern year-round greenhouse is perfectly located in the sweet spot of Canada’s sunbelt — so our tomatoes and cucumbers spend more time ripening on the vine and less time sitting in shipping containers. Small wonder they taste so incredible — because they’re literally Always Growing™ 

Ryan Kramer
Our Founder
Ryan Cramer

Big Marble Farms represents the culmination of Ryan’s lifelong pursuit of excellence. As a long-time family grower, Ryan has a clear understanding of the right way to bring outstanding fresh produce to market. Ryan’s 365 day/year commitment to Big Marble is reflected in its status as Alberta’s largest greenhouse to operate on a year-round basis. The only thing more important to Ryan than work is family.

The Cramer Family
The Cramer Family

When we say family’s important to us we mean it. Brianne Cramer is a key part of our Executive Team and a long-time contributor to the day-to-day management of our Greenhouse. She and Ryan live right next door, along with their two children, so we’re talking about a multi-generational commitment to growing food that’s good enough to serve your family.

Rick Wagenaar
Rick Wagenaar

Rick is a people person. In addition to being a greenhouse grower for over two decades, Uncle Rick recognized that Ryan had the drive and the ability to grow into something bigger. He’s been a tremendous partner and source of inspiration helping Big Marble become what it is today.

Albert Cramer
Albert Cramer

Ryan’s dad grew up on a dairy farm with 8 brothers and sisters, but he wanted something different. So he moved west and discovered the joy of growing peppers and cucumbers under glass. He gave Ryan his first job working in the family greenhouse and continues to help with Big Marble Farms as a business partner, trusted advisor and patriarch of a growing family.

Grow with us

We're always looking for great people to add to our Big Marble Farms team.