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Welcome to Big Marble Farms, home to irresistible, vine-ripened tomatoes, cool, crisp cucumbers, and the sweetest pepper varieties raised in Canada. All year round!


Some call our highly efficient and sustainable greenhouse farms “protected agriculture” or “hothouse production”, but we call them local pride. Please enjoy some today!

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Ready to Enjoy

Our attractive 100% recyclable packaging is a beacon in every produce section, with our fresh, premium products practically jumping off the shelves. Spot the big blue logo and be ready to catch.

Big Recipes
Big Recipes
Let's Talk Local
Let's Talk Local

Our modern year-round greenhouse is perfectly located in the sweet spot of Canada’s sunbelt — so our tomatoes and cucumbers spend more time ripening on the vine and less time sitting in shipping containers. Small wonder they taste so incredible — because they’re literally Always Growing™

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Find Us Here

Big Marble cucumbers and tomatoes are available at local Sobeys and Safeway stores across Alberta. You can also find our awesome community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.